Free Online BillPay Services with Bank of Cherokee County
Pay bills online quickly for free when you enroll today!

You can enroll for Bank of Cherokee County’s free online Banking Services that include Online Bill Pay by contacting our Hulbert Office at 918/772-2572, the Park Hill Branch at 918/458-1223, or the Plaza Branch at 918/456-3900.

With this service, you can...

  • Pay your bills when you want - payday, the due date or whenever you choose.
  • Set up recurring payments so your regular payments are automatically paid when you specify.
  • Update your payment instructions at anytime.
  • Track your payment history - see who you paid, the date and the amount.

But remember you cannot...

  • Pay taxes or any court-ordered payments, such as alimony or child support.
  • Use a savings account for your bill payment account.
  • Make your payments at the last minute.
  • Make payments without accurate and complete payee information.
  • Make a contribution by check to an interest bearing account or to a brokerage.

If you would like to cancel your Bank of Cherokee County Bill Payment service, you may Contact our Customer Service Representatives at any time using the phone numbers listed above.

Counter Checks $0.20
Cashier's Check (Customer) $3.00
Cashier's Check (Non-Cust) $10.00
Money Order (Customer) $3.00
Money Order (Non-Cust) $7.50
Dormant Account Fee $2.00
Insufficient Fee $29.00
Returned Checks (Checks that are deposited into your account that are returned from drawee bank) $5.00
Check Cashing for Non Customer $10.00
Monetary ATM Transactions at Non-BoCC ATM $2.50
Non-Monetary ATM Transactions  
at Non-BoCC ATM $2.00
Courtesy Statement $5.00
Account Research $35.00 per Hour
Account Balancing Assistance $35.00 per Hour
Telephone Transfer $3.00
Stop Payments $29.00
Photocopies $0.50
Wire Transfers (Incoming) $10.00
Wire Transfers (Incoming) Non-Customer $15.00
Wire Transfers (Outgoing) $15.00
Wire Transfers (Outgoing) Non-Customer $20.00
ATM/Visa Check Card Issue Fee $3.00
ATM/VISA Maintenance Fee $2.00 Per Month
PIN Verification $3.00
Card Replacement $5.00
Garnishments $50.00
Executions $50.00
Levies $50.00

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